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Woman Charged with DWI after Causing Accident


A woman from Pearl River has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and failing to stop and report an accident. The driver was part of a car accident which involved two cars.

The 39 year old woman was arrested after fleeing the scene of the accident. She was found inside her vehicle at Cottage Lane. The car had significant damage to the front and was unable to move.

The lady is alleged to of driven her car along Route 303 in a southbound direction. When she turned into a side road the car struck another car driven by a 68 year old man. The observer indicated that nobody was seriously injured in the accident.

Although there were no serious injuries, the driver failed to stop and report the accident. Instead she decided to drive away from the scene of the accident at high speed. This is thought to be because she knew she was over the limit and wanted to avoid being charged.

The police attended the scene and quickly searched for the driver. Eye witnesses made it possible to identify the license plates of the vehicle involved. Police then searched for the driver and found her not far away. She was found sitting inside her disabled vehicle and was clearly drunk. This is frowned upon in Manhattan as well as Long Island.

The driver was not injured and so was transferred straight to Orange Town Police Headquarters. She refused to submit a sample of breath for an alcohol test. The police then charged the woman with driving while intoxicated, failing to stop after causing an accident, and also issued minor charges including crossing pavements and not wearing a seatbelt.

The investigation into the cause of the accident is still ongoing. The driver was released pending a court hearing and more evidence. Police are fortunate that this accident wasn’t any worse than it was. Fortunately everyone involved in the crash was wearing seat belts and was relatively unharmed. Simple cuts and bruises were the only injuries and nobody required hospital treatment.

If you are ever charged with a DWI offence then it is essential you get proper legal attention. Hiring a New York Car Accident Attorney will make it possible to fight these charges. A New York Car Accident Attorney will be able to minimize the penalties you will be charged.

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