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Much Loved Family Man Dies in Car Crash


The family and friends of a 29 year old who was recently killed in a car accident are said to be devastated by their loss. The accident happened on the A45, explains a witness.

The 29 year old was a passenger in a SUV which was involved in a crash during Tuesday morning. The car came off the road, sped down the embankment and eventually stopped by hitting a lamppost.

The passenger was already dead by the time the emergency services arrived. However, the driver was alive and it was possible for him to be extracted from the vehicle. The driver of the car, a 36 year old male was taken to a nearby hospital. His injuries are thought to be serious and potentially life threatening.

The man did a lot of travelling as it was involved in his job. He was a shop fitter and spent time driving up the length and breadth of the country as part of his job.

He had lots of friends and was an amateur DJ. When he had some spare time he would often play at clubs and private parties.

The family has also explained that he was a good cook and often invited the family round for meals.

The police are still investigating the cause of the accident, indicates a report. It’s thought though that this accident was caused by driver error. There are no indications that excessive speed or alcohol was involved in causing this accident.

Many of the man’s friends have come together to discuss the great times that they shared with him. One remembers him as a very passionate cook and explained that he used to tell him exactly what he was going to cook all the time.

More of his friends recall that he was always very happy and patient with people. The room lit up as soon as he stepped foot inside and few people ever saw him angry or upset. He was a very kind person who would try to do best by everyone. Accidents like this are not common in The Bronx and Brooklyn.

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