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One Injured in Pileup on Interstate 20


A man was involved in a serious car accident which involved many different cars on the Interstate 20. He suffered from injuries which were life threatening and required medical treatment. However, a source has learned that his condition is expected to be ok and he should be discharged.

The accident happened during the early morning along the Interstate 20. The accident was close to the Bert Kouns Industrial Loop.

The local police force attended the scene of the accident. They discovered that two cars and a large 18 wheeler truck was involved in the accident, explained the source.

It is thought that the two cars involved in the crash were traveling west on the interstate 20. One of these cars lost control, but it is not known why this happened. Because the care lost control, the car ran into the back of one in front. This forced the other car into the path of oncoming traffic.

The two cars were pushed across the interstate and into the way of oncoming traffic. It was then hit by a large 18 wheeler truck.

Fortunately the only person injured in the accident was the driver of the front car. It’s a miracle that nobody else was hurt. The driver was transported to a nearby medical center by ambulance. The only injury he sustained was a broken leg. This could be treated quickly and he was discharged very quickly from hospital. He has since made a full recovery from his injuries.

Because of concerns over the accident the police were forced to shut down the Interstate 20 around the site of the accident. They shut both the east and westbound carriageways around the accident site. The road was opened again by 5:30 AM. The same procedure would be followed in Nassau and Suffolk.

The police are currently unaware of why the accident occurred. The investigation is currently ongoing and will try to discover the reason that the car driver lost control and rear ended the other car. At this point in the investigation it is not thought that alcohol had a role to play in the car accident.

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