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Woman and Man Seriously Injured by Car Accident


A car accident seriously injured a Woman and a Man who required urgent medical attention. The two victims were said to be in a critical condition and needed hospital treatment, explains a source.

The accident occurred in Pasadena, on Solley Road. The car lost control late on Thursday night and spun off the road at speed. It then hit a large pole in the center of the road which caused serious injuries to both occupants inside the vehicle.

According to the report obtained by the police, both the 42 year old driver, and 24 year old passenger were seriously injured. Eye witness reports report that the car was traveling at excessive speeds along Solley Road. The driver of the car lost control and crossed the center of the road. This caused her to strike a signpost which caused the car and occupants serious injury. First aiders were the first on the scene and offered first aid healthcare.

The impact severely damaged the car which needed to be towed off the road as quickly as possible. The car was towed off the road as soon as the occupants were removed and sent to hospital for treatment. The driver and passenger required inpatient treatment for several days before they were considered stable. They were then released from the hospital and allowed to go home. However, it is thought that both people will suffer from ongoing problems as a direct result of the accident.

The fire service responded and helped to cut the injured people out of the car. The two injured people were transported to the local Shock Trauma Center. Both the man and the woman were said to be in serious condition and were suffering from life threatening injuries. Due to the seriousness of the injuries it was important that both people were removed from the car as quickly and safely as possible.

The local police department is still investigating the case and searching for more evidence. However, the police report suggests that they believe driver error and alcohol were to blame. Police in New York City and Long Island are always on the lookout for drunk drivers. No charges have currently been filed as the investigation is ongoing.

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