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Car, School Bus and Pedestrian Accident


Mere minutes after unloading its last passengers, a school bus was struck by a sedan hard enough that the bus toppled onto its side, claims a witness. The last passengers of the bus, who were neighborhood children, had exited the vehicle within five minutes of the incident.

Police suspect that the driver of the sedan that hit the bus had driven through a stop sign right before colliding with the school bus. The bus, as it toppled over, fell onto a biker that was riding along the sidewalk parallel to the bus. The bicyclist was trapped as the bus smashed her leg and pinned her to the ground. As soon as help arrived and they were able to move the bus off of her leg, the girl was taken by ambulance to the nearest medical center.

The bus driver was forced to exit the school bus by climbing out the driver’s side window. The driver only sustained minor injuries during the car accident.

The sedan, which was completely demolished by the impact and was not considered drivable, contained the driver and his two passengers at the time of the incident. The driver and one of the passengers sustained only minor injuries while the second passenger was sent by ambulance to receive medical care, states a hospital report.

The police spent several hours recording the placement of vehicles and other evidence from the scene of the car accident. It was late evening before the roads and sidewalk in the area was reopened for the public.

Though the police are investigating the circumstances which led to the crash, they have yet to determine the exact series of events that led to the accident. They have issued a request for any witnesses to come forward to shed light on the matter. An Accident like this could have happened anywhere. If school children and buses are on the road in The Bronx and Brooklyn care must be taken.

Charges have not yet been filed against the driver of the sedan, due to a lack of evidence and witnesses, although the circumstantial evidence may be enough to press charges. The case is further complicated by the fact that the driver of the sedan was not a United States citizen, explains a spokesperson.

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