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Four Students Dead After Car Accident


Several young people were killed in a car accident last weekend when their vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic. Their car was then struck by an oncoming truck which resulted in the death of four passengers and severe injuries to the driver of the vehicle, explains a witness. The accident occurred only days after two of the passengers had finished their graduate degrees and were planning on returning home.

The accident occurred late Saturday evening after the group of students was out celebrating the end of the school year. The driver of the vehicle, the sole survivor amongst the group of students, was in critical condition and under the care of medical professionals at the time of this article.

Police had not yet released any information as to what cause the driver to swerve across the center line. Possible causes include alcohol or distraction by one of the passengers. The police will have more information as the driver recovers and recounts the events of the evening, states a source with the police department..

The driver of the other vehicle and his passenger survived the accident with relatively minor injuries. He is not being blamed for incident and, by all accounts, tried to avoid the collision. Luckily the other drivers on the road were able to avoid turning the collision into a multiple car accident.

Meanwhile, the students families are gathering at the school to mourn their losses and support the driver as he recovers, a fiend of the family explained. Since classes have already let out for the semester, the school has not yet set a date or made plans for a memorial service. The students’ families will make the arrangements for each student’s burial.

At this point, no charges have been filed against either driver or the passengers in the vehicle. As further details revealed, it is possible that charges of negligence could be filed against the driver. A full police report was unavailable at this time. The college could not be reached for comment although several students offered words of support and encouragement for the injured driver.

Nassau and Suffolk Counties have implemented strict laws and harsh punishment for drunk driving. This is due to the terrible accidents and deaths which have plagued these Long Island communities. MADD has had a great influence in this part of the world.

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