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Bicyclist is in Critical Condition


A bicyclist is in critical condition after being struck by a car which was violating traffic laws last weekend. The biker was following all relevant traffic rules when the motorist struck him with his vehicle after running a red light. The driver of the vehicle has been charged in the case and is currently in police custody.

The driver of the vehicle was under the influence of prescription medication and should not have been operating the vehicle; police have not released what medication the man was on at the time of the accident. He also has a history of traffic violations, explains a report. The majority of his prior incidents were speeding tickets, although driver of the vehicle had ticket a bicyclist approximately 13 years ago.

The first time the man hit a bicyclist, the bicyclist escaped with very few injuries. In this current incident the bicyclist has life threatening injuriesand continues to be hospitalized as he attempts to recover from the life threatening injuries.

The man is facing several charges including driving while under the influence and criminal negligence. The charges could be increased to include homicide charges if the bicyclist dies because of his injuries. Exact charges will not be known until the extent and outcome of the bicyclist’s injuries are known.

The driver is eligible for bond although he has not posted bond at the time of this article. Based on his large number of passed traffic incidents, he will have a difficult trial ahead of him if the case is not settled out of court. The driver will assuredly be found liable for the bicyclist’s injuries, medical bills and pain and suffering, reports a source.

The bicyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident; the lack of helmet undoubtedly caused his injuries to be worse than if he had been wearing a helmet. The local police have used the incident to issue renewed statements emphasizing the importance of bicycling safety, says a source. Groups which promote bicycling statements have echoed the police’s message that bikes and automobiles need to share the road. Car accidents like this one are common in areas like Staten Island and Westchester.

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