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Two Car Accident Kills two People


Two men were killed in a car crash which happened at around 10 PM at night explains a report. The accident happened on Thursday and two cars were involved.

A 22 year old male was driving a Ford Mustang along west smith road in a westbound direction. A 46 year old man was driving in the opposite direction along the same road in a Dodge Charger. This driver crossed the center line which caused a head on collision which was very serious.

The first younger driver was taken to Medina Hospital. However, by the time he arrived at hospital he was pronounced dead explains the doctor. His family were told of the accident and asked to identify the body.

The other driver was flown directly to a hospital in Cleveland. He was also declared dead on arrival as a result of his injuries. The emergency services did absolutely everything that they could to take care of the drivers, it is just a shame that they died on the way to hospital.

There was an 18 year old passenger who was also flown to a hospital. She is thought to be in serious, but stable condition and still undergoing medical treatment for her injuries which are not life threatening explains the expert.

The Police Departments investigation states that the roads were fairly wet and this is thought to of been a contributing factor to the crash. Blood tests of both drivers were taken and it is not thought that any alcohol was involved.

Nobody has been charged over the car accident although the investigation is still ongoing. It is not expected that anyone will be charged for this as both drivers died at the scene. The investigation suspects that the car accident was caused by the older driver crossing the line due to wet road conditions. Accidents like these are common in Queens and also Staten Island.

It’s good news that any other cars traveling on the road at the same time were able to stop in time to prevent a pileup. If more cars were involved then the injuries could have been even more serious.

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