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Traffic Accidents Over the Weekend Kill Three People


A number of car accidents happened over the weekend in West Virginia. Three people died as a direct result of these accidents. Fatal accidents are very serious and need to be investigated thoroughly by the police department.

One man died on Sunday evening after he lost control of his car and it spun off the road. The car crashed into a tree which killed him instantly. Two passengers in the vehicle were rescued from the car and airlifted to a hospital in Virginia.

State police Troopers were some of the first to arrive on the scene state the report. The cars were badly damaged which meant many people were trapped inside.

Some family members of the people involved in the crash arrived shortly after the accident to help search for survivors. This was very emotional as at least one family member collapsed when he learned of the death.

Another crash claimed the life of a 20 year old woman on Saturday. This was caused by a serious ATV accident which was in Fayette County.

Crash investigators handed their report to a chief who said that she lost control of her vehicle while traveling along Hopewell Road. She lost control while traveling around a very sharp bend. Because she was not wearing the seat belt she was thrown from the vehicle and was not found for two hours.

The third death of the weekend happened in an accident during the early hours of Saturday morning. This claimed the life of a 22 year old man who was traveling on Route 39. He also lost control of his vehicle. The car flipped over a number of times as a result of it spinning out of control. The driver of the car was thrown from the vehicle and was instantly killed before medical assistance could be given. Studies in New York City and Westchester County have determined that distracted driving causes many of these accidents.

Fortunately these car accidents were no worse than they were. If they happened at any other time of the day then they could have been much more serious and involved many more vehicles which could of caused more people to lose their lives. It’s fortunate that the passengers of all vehicles escaped only requiring medical treatment.

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