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Motorcycle fatalities recall other serious accidents on Route 110


A motorcyclist was seriously injured after being involved in a road traffic car accident. The motorcyclist was going for a short ride along route 110.

The motorcyclist was so badly injured that she suffered from short term memory loss. She cannot remember anything that happened on the lead up to the accident. Her memory for the whole month has actually been affected.

According to a report read by a reporter, a witnesses saw the car accident as it happened. Another driver in a car was trying to make a U turn in the road, where it is not permitted. The motorcyclist was traveling at 40 miles per hour, which was well within the speed limit of the area. This means that she had no chance of stopping in time because by the time the car was seen, it was already too late.

The motorcyclist attempted to stop as quickly as possible. This caused her bike to skid and the rider was thrown over the top of the bike. She landed on her head on the road.

The motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet and the observer states that if a helmet was worn, that the injuries would have been much less serious. Because no helmet was worn the rider suffered from extensive brain trauma which caused her to go into a coma for over a week. The head injuries also resulted in memory loss.

The New York Accident Attorney has a copy of a report demonstrating the severity of the injuries sustained. She suffered from facial injuries which required many hours of reconstructive surgery to put right. Her left wrist was shattered and jaw fractured.

The injuries were so serious that it was thought unlikely that the rider would make a full recovery. She was taken straight to Bridgeport hospital. A similar accident a few weeks after this accident resulted in fatality with the motorcyclist and passenger being killed in similar circumstances.

The police investigation into the crash which calmed the lives of two men is still ongoing. Route 110 is a notoriously dangerous place to ride a motorbike with there being many accidents. While some of these accidents are caused by excessive speed or driving under the influence, some of these accidents happen through no fault of the drivers themselves. The high volume of traffic is thought to be one of the main reasons why there are so many accidents involving motorcyclists.

The motorcyclist has since made a full recovery but vows never to get on a bike again. Accidents like this can happen anywhere. Even in urban areas like Manhattan and Queens.

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