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Car Crash Kills NHL Star


A much liked and local celebrity with a great future ahead of him was killed in a car crash. He was a very young rugby league player who had a bright future.

The 16 year old was killed when he was involved in a car accident on Saturday. He was killed at the scene when he was involved in the accident. It has shocked the whole town of Gunnedah which is normally very quiet.

The NHL Star was traveling along with two friends when he is said to of lost control explained a witness. His car spun off the road and struck a tree. The driver was killed immediately and the passengers required urgent medical treatment because they were seriously injured.

The family of the NHL star are very sad for their loss. They said that the accident has affected the whole community. He was a genuinely nice guy who was liked by everyone who knew him.

Two women passengers were involved in the car crash. These were cut free from the wreckage and transported to hospital where they are said to be in a serious condition.

Two police officers were also involved in an accident where their Patrol Car struck a Toyota in the early hours of the morning. Distracted driving seems to be the culprit.

One of the officers was trapped in the car for over an hour before he could be released by the emergency services. The police then told reporters that he was taken to hospital for cuts and a concussion which needed medical attention.

His injuries are thought to be serious, but not life threatening. He needed to remain in hospital overnight for observation. The other officer was able to get out of the car himself as he was not as badly injured. He only needed some X-rays to check that nothing was broken. Police in the Bronx and Brooklyn are confronted with these situations all the time.

After spending a night in hospital, the police officer was released and allowed to return home. Although the community has lost a much loved sports star as a result of the accidents over the week, at least no more lives were lost.

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