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This is a case wherein the people who are actually involved and got hurt


This is a case wherein the people who are actually involved and got hurt from an accident filed for claims for the injuries that they sustained during the car accident. They also claimed that because of the accident and the injuries they sustained they weren’t able to do their usual daily activities causing disruptions in their regular, productive lives. Distracted driving seems to be the culprit.

According to a police report the case was filed against R&B Car and Limo Corporation and Alexander Laevsky by Mohammad Hossain and Mushfiq Pathan because of an accident that happened on September 10, 2006. The vehicles owned and operated by R&B Limo Corporation and another by Laevsky in which Hossain and Mushfiq were passengers collided with each other. The said collision resulted to injuries in which Hossain complained of pain in his upper and lower spines well as in both of his knees. Mushfiq on the other hand reported to have sustained injuries in his ankle.

According to a witness, doctors Wendy Cohen, M.D. and Julio Westerband, M.D. who were able to examine Hossain and Mushfiq testified that both men were able to have significant normal movements on their spine, knees and ankles after the accident. It was also further established based on the testimony of both victims that they did not miss anytime from their work and school. Hossain was a full time student while Mushfiq worked two different jobs. This further proved that the doctors who examined the victims were correct when they said that the two men both had regular movements on the areas they were complaining of having had injuries.

However, to prove that they had basis for filing injury claims, Hossain and Mushfiq each submitted affidavits from a chiropractor, Dr. Dennis Long, D.C. which opposed the earlier findings of Dr. Cohen and Dr. Westerband. Dr. Long was able to examine and observe Hossain and Mushfiq a day after the said accident happened. After objective testing, he concluded that both victims had limited movements and motion in their cervical and lumbar spine. He also did a recent examination on both men on March 2010 and found out that even after three years, Hossain and Mushfiq are still having difficulties with their cervical and lumbar spine movements. Based on reports gathered by a friend, the treatments done by Dr. Long had a long gap and treatments were already discontinued because the patients already reached their maximum treatment medical benefit by a chiropractor and physical therapist. Accidents like this one are known to happen frequently in Manhattan and Queens.

Still according to a source, both Laevsky and R&B Limo claimed that their vehicles were at a stop when their vehicles were hit by other vehicles involved in the accident at the rear end. They claimed that because of this circumstance they are not liable to pay any damages as they were also victims of the said accident in September of 2006.

It was established that Hossain and Mushfiq indeed sustained physical injuries and were granted payments for the injuries they sustained during the accidents. Further investigation were done as to who’s vehicle was liable for the said accident.

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