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Toddler Involved in Crash Fights for his Life


A report states that a 2 year old toddler was involved in a serious traffic accident in the early hours of the evening. It is thought that his injuries are serious and life threatening and that he needed urgent medical attention.

The crash report explains that the toddler was said to be in a serious critical condition. The toddler was in a car with two other children when the accident occurred. It was raining quite heavily, but visibility was still reasonably good.

The driver of the car which was involved in the accident had just passed through a pedestrian crossing which had nobody on it. However, 5 meters away from the pedestrian crossing the children were attempting to cross the road.

According to the report read by the officials, the driver was not thought to be speeding or driving dangerously. He was driving at 50 km per hour and was within the normal speed limits. The driver was the only person in the car, but it is thought that he acted in the best way he could to avoid the accident. This was not a case of drunk driving as no alcohol or drugs were found.

The report also states that the children were not accompanied by any adults when attempting to cross the road. Eye witness reports state that the kids appeared from nowhere very quickly, this meant that the driver had very little time to react and respond.

The newspaper has also received character references for the driver. Everyone that knows him has said that he is a very responsible and careful driver. He has not been involved in any serious car accidents before and he feels terrible about it.

The driver is said to be a young man in his early 20’s and works as a roofing contractor. He helps to look after several young relatives who live in the same house as him. Because he takes care of children the crash has affected him much more than normal

Police took the driver to the police station so that they could be interviewed. Although it is not though they did anything wrong, a certain procedure still needs to be taken.

The local crash unit is currently investigating the collision. Like any other serious crash which might happen anywhere such as Manhattan and Queens, crash investigators will spend many hours at the scene marking evidence and talking to any witnesses.

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