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Call for action at crash corner


A local couple is trying to make a notorious intersection safer. Many cars have crashed there and the latest car accidents involved several vehicles on Saturday in the afternoon. A NYC Car Accident Attorney also points out that there have been dozens of accidents here over the past year.

The local residents are trying to campaign to install give way signs and islands in the center of the road to make the junction much safer. The local residents themselves were almost involved in a serious accident at the same intersection around one month ago. This made them realize just how dangerous this intersection really is.

The couple was driving south when there was another car driving west. The smaller car sped through the intersection without stopping. This narrowly missed their vehicle as it got across slightly before them. This was a very frightening experience as it only just missed the side of the car.

The couple is campaigning by writing letters to local newspapers. They state that if they were a few seconds earlier crossing the intersection that they would have been killed at the scene. There have also been a spate of bicycle accidents at this site.

Just a week after their near miss, another serious traffic accident involving three vehicles happened at the intersection. The three cars were badly damaged with the occupants requiring medical attention.

Although nobody has been killed at the intersection, the locals believe it is only a matter of time. That is why a NYC Car Accident Attorney has been contacted to try and help push forward plans to make the intersection much safer.

The couple believes that by installing traffic islands at the intersection they would make it much more visible and easier to see. This should make it possible to avoid even more accidents and crashes at the scene.

Many other local residents are also trying to make the junction safer. Other people have suggested installing stop signs or alternatively fitting larger give way signs to make it more visible.

The local planning department is currently looking at ways of making the intersection safer. However, they state that the intersection actually has fairly minor crash rates but will look at improving the safety of the road. Injuries at this spot vary and similar dangerous spots also exist in New York City and Queens.

Anyone who is accused of driving dangerously needs to be represented by a NYC Car Accident Attorney. Hiring a NYC Car Accident Attorney will make the case to be processed.

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