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Cyclist is Killed Due to a Serious Accident


A witness has been asked to help police find a driver who was involved in a fatal traffic accident and failed to stop. The collision occurred on Sunday Morning in the South of Charlotte.

The car accidenthappened at 6 AM in the morning and occurred on a busy intersection. Three cyclists were riding along the intersection when one of them fell off. The bike rider who fell off the bike was hit by a car as he was lying on the ground. The other riders in the group were not injured.

Although the accident probably was not the drivers fault, the driver failed to stop. Instead the car carried on heading towards South Boulevard. Because this driver failed to stop and participate in the investigation, the witness is helping police to track down the driver who sped away.

There are speed bumps on the street where the accident happened as there are in places like Brooklyn and The Bronx. This is to prevent drivers going too quickly on this popular cut though. However, many drivers still exceed the speed limit of 25 miles per hour on a regular basis. This makes cycling and even walking around the area more dangerous than it has to be.

There are a lot of bike riders in the area and this death has shocked the whole community. Many people are left unsure about whether they really want to cycle anymore. Personal injury happens to often.

The local residents are also concerned that even with the speed bumps and obvious speed signs, many motorists are still going much faster than 25 miles per hour. This is putting our children and cyclists at risk. Many cars speed through the street to save time going along main roads.

The police investigation has revealed that the car involved in the accident is either a Toyota Corolla or Tercel and is thought to be either blue or silver in color. There should be minor damage to the front of the car. The police ask anyone with information to get in touch so that the driver can be charged and the area made safer.

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