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Two Car Crashes Put Traffic On Hold


According to a New York Car Accident Lawyer, at 2:30 on Wednesday, March 2nd 2011, near the Springwood picnic site, at Accrington Road, Whalley, two silver cars crashed into each other. It became necessary for firefighters from Great Harwood and Clitheroe, to cut the door off the silver Chevrolet Matiz, in order to get the 79 year-old lady passenger out of her vehicle.

In heavy traffic like in The Bronx and Brooklyn distracted driving is common.

A New York Injury Lawyer expands, that the woman broke her leg in the crash, and suffered chest injuries as well. She was immediately transported to the Royal Blackburn Hospital for further care. Apparently, the woman’s husband had been driving, but he only suffered some minor injuries. The passengers, in the other vehicle did sustain some injuries, the woman who was 78, broke her sternum, but the male driver of the silver VW did not suffer any injuries. it is suspected that this accident was caused by distracted driving.

Roughly an hour later, a lawyer reports that while police cars were still at the crash site, a gray Fiat Punto collided with a police car. Due to the second accident, the carriageway of Accrington Road was closed down until both vehicles could be completely removed. A New York Injury Lawyer reveals that the crash scene was closed until 5:30pm. Two car crashes in one day, one hour apart, at the same location, certainly kept the fire-station and emergency medical services busy.

Thanks to the quick effort, and amazing teamwork of those involved in clearing the crash site, the typically busy road was only closed for three hours. The community should be proud of their incredible efforts to not only deal with the crash, but also get the traffic flowing as quickly as they did. Thankfully, the injuries were minimal, considering how devastating the crash could have turned out to be.

When dealing with the emotional aftermath of a sudden car crash, there is no reason to go through the stress alone. A New York Car Accident Lawyer is there to help be your guide. Instead of feeling vulnerable and alone, you can feel confident and supported with an advocate by your side. You owe it to yourself, to get professional help immediately, instead of struggling on your own.

When you choose to trust a New York Car Accident Attorney with your personal crisis, you will have more time to allow your body and mind to heal. Recovering from a car crash takes time. Instead of adding more stress to your life, by feeling like you have to muddle through the paperwork by yourself, seek help today. A trained New York Car Accident Attorney is waiting to help alleviate your burden and see you find success.

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