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Two Officers Involved in Vehicular and Motorcycle Accidents


Two police officers riding motorcycles were injured in separate accidents in Atlanta, Georgia on a Tuesday evening around 9pm. Both accidents happened within minutes of each other, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. One officer suffered minor injuries while other will have to undergo surgery after fracturing one of his legs. The drivers of the vehicles involved in the accidents were charged with failing to yield when turning left and failing to yield for an emergency vehicle.

The first accident occurred as the officer was on his way to help with crowd dispersal after a basketball game. The driver failed to yield before making a left turn and crashed into the motorcycle. The second accident occurred as the other officer was responding to the first accident. The driver in this accident failed to stop to let the motorcycle cross the street first. The car crashed into the motorcycle, says a New York Car Accident Lawyer. Both police officers were transported to the same local hospital for treatment.

A group of officers visited the hospital afterward to their condolences. Fortunately, no other vehicles or people were injured in these accidents. Both officers are expected to make full recoveries. The drivers of the cars involved in these accidents did not suffer any injuries. It is unclear at this time if drugs or alcohol played a part in either of these accidents, according to a New York Injury Lawyer. Failure to obey the rules of the road can have major consequences as the drivers of these vehicles discovered. Motorcycle accidents are common in Long Island and Westchester County where highways are plentiful.

It is unknown how long the police officers had been riding motorcycles or when they will be able to do so again. The officers may have to ride in a squad car or be placed on desk duty until they are fit to ride a motorcycle. The damage to the vehicles involved in the accidents is also unknown. Depending on how fast the vehicles were traveling, significant damage could have been done, claims a New York City Car Accident Lawyer. The penalty for hitting the officers may include a fine, loss of license or the completion of a traffic safety course.

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