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Truck Driver Hits Two Police Vehicles


A man driving a semi-truck hit two police patrol cars near Ritzville, Washington. No one was seriously injured, but one of the patrolmen was taken to the local hospital after suffering a few injuries, reports a NY Car Accident Lawyer. It is unclear at this time if the mechanical failure caused this accident or if the man driving the truck is to blame. There was no evidence of alcohol in the accident.

According to a Lawyer, two police patrol cars were sitting side-by-side on U.S. 395 when the accident occurred. The semi-truck went over the center divider and struck both cars. The policeman taken to the hospital has been on the police force for 19 years. The other policeman was not injured. The driver of the truck did not suffer any injuries either. The police are currently looking for any witnesses who may be able to provide additional details into how this accident occurred.

It is not uncommon for accidents like this to occur on major highways like the ones in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The truck could have blown a tire or experienced some other type of malfunction or the driver could have momentarily fallen asleep or was driving too fast. The accident happened on a Sunday around 6pm. After the accident happened, the injured policeman was airlifted to a nearby hospital where his injuries were treated. He is in satisfactory condition. The officer should be released from the hospital soon. He may or may not need additional care once he leaves the hospital. Out-patient care may be necessary depending on the extent of his injuries. In Manhattan and Queens, hospitals are equipped to handle this type of case.

It is unknown at this time whether the driver of the truck will face any charges for hitting the police cars. Further investigation is needed to determine if the driver was at fault. Law enforcement may have to inspect the truck, take witness statements and check the driver’s record to determine if he has any other traffic violations that are similar. Police are asking anyone who saw the accident to contact local departments to give a statement, suggests New York Injury Lawyer. Providing any additional details may help police officials determine what happened and help them decide whether charges should be filed against the truck driver.

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