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Traffic Stop Police Officer Assaulted


The police were extremely busy over the weekend. One police officer was first assaulted between the hours of 8 to 8:30 PM while he was at a traffic stop. The police also needed to respond to a traffic accident in the area. The crash was so serious that the driver needed to be cut free from the vehicle, explains the report.

The driver was a middle aged man who came from East Greenwich. He lost control of his vehicle and flipped it several times when it came to rest on its roof. After the emergency services arrived on the scene they managed to cut him free from the vehicle using the Jaws of Life. He was then transported by ambulance to Rhode Island Hospital where he is still undergoing treatment for his injuries.

The exact cause of the crash is not currently known as it is still being investigated. However, the police believe that excessive speed is likely to be the main cause of the accident. The driver is thought to be in a stable condition, however his condition has not been released by the police, says the source.

At the other incident, when a driver was pulled over at random, the officer was assaulted. It’s not known why the officer decided to stop the vehicle, but it is expected that either speed or erratic driving were the reasons. The names of the driver which is alleged to of assaulted the officer, and the police officers name has not been released.

The driver was not willing to comply with the police and did not pull over. He did once pull over but the driver was very angry. The police officer was assaulted when he walked over to the car.

The man accused of assaulting the officer was arrested by Warwick police. The assault did not cause any serious injuries and he did not require hospital treatment. The officer was however sent home to rest and he is said to be returning to work soon. Police in Staten Island and Westchester would handle it the same way.

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