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Paralyzed Student Walks at Graduation Ceremony


A very clever and popular straight A student was paralyzed in a car accidentfour years ago, says a doctor. This accident completely changed his life and introduced lots of new challenges that he would have to deal with.

He was an active student and enjoyed sports. The car accident completely turned his world on its head. He always dreamed of the day that he would be able to walk again, but the chances of that happening looked very unrealistic.

A straight-A student who was paralysed after a road accident four years ago has used his university graduation ceremony to show the world he can walk again.

Austin Whitney severed his spinal cord – paralysing him from the waist down – after crashing when driving drunk in 2007.

But against all odds, he got up to shake hands with University of California Berkeley chancellor, Robert Birgeneau on Saturday, observed a source. The 22-year-old, who severed his spinal cord four years ago, used exoskeleton technology to walk on his graduation day Austin Whitney was hospitalized for 41 days after crashing his car while drunk in 2007 – and he was luck to survive. The extent of the damage to Mr. Whitney’s car, after he smashed into a tree, is shown.

The determined 22-year-old was able to be awarded his double major degree in political science and history and now plans to attend law school and dreams of working in the entertainment industry.

A month after graduating with top results from his high school, on July 21, 2007, Mr. Whitney almost killed himself, and his best friend, after swerving his vehicle into a tree – he was in hospital for 41 days. Police in New York City and Long Island would handle a case like this in the same way.

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