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Suspect Fires at Officers and Crashes Car


Fortunately nobody was seriously injured in a firefight between police and a robbery suspect. The police officer opened fire when he was in fear of his life, explains a witness.

Police were informed about the robbery and a police officer responded at around 4 PM. The police officer saw the suspect holding a gun at an employee of the bank. According to the report read by the reporter in Queens, the suspect then turned and pointed the gun at the officer. The gun was fully loaded and ready to be fired. This action caused the officer to fire his weapon.

When police fired the suspect – a 19 year old male – then dropped his weapon and ran out of the building through a back exit. Police are thankful that he did not return fire as this could have put the lives of hostages and the police officer in danger.

The suspect then sped away in a Pontiac which he had already left at the back of the building. As the driver was driving so quickly, he crashed the car very quickly. The suspect then got out of the car and ran away on foot. Police pursued the suspect on foot for a short distance. He was then arrested at the 2400 block on Jefferson Avenue.

The suspect was later charged with several cases including aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, leaving the scene of an accident and felony fleeing. He is due to appear in court next month.

The car crash was not serious and nobody was seriously injured. The suspect of the robbery did sustain a minor injury to his hand. It’s believed by police that this injury was caused during the car crash. It’s fortunate that no other vehicles were involved in the accident as this could have made it much more serious.

The police investigation into the robbery is currently ongoing. It is not thought that there were any insiders in the bank who knew what was happening. The police in Staten Island are currently reviewing all the evidence to decide whether any more charges need to be filed.

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