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Rescue Effort Challenges Rescue Services


The teams attending a car accident faced challenges to free the driver from the vehicle. The force of the accident crushed the vehicle which trapped the driver inside their car. The accident occurred on Sunday afternoon and it took several hours for the driver to be removed.

The accident and injury occurred because the driver lost control while driving. It’s not currently clear why this was allowed to happen. However, the weather conditions were fairly poor. It was rainy and it’s thought that he may of lost control due to this. When the driver lost control of the car in New Haven, he continued and hit a parked car and then smashed straight through a safety fence. The car still carried on moving and travelled down an embankment.

The firefighters were called to the site of the accident because the driver was trapped inside. The fire service was under the impression that the accident was pretty much like any other car accident. However, when they arrived they found that it was much more difficult than they imagined. However, they managed to handle the accident and rescued all the affected people.

They needed to cut the roof off the car and take the victim out of the car. Then they used a rope rescue procedure to lift him from the embankment. Once the driver was safe and removed from the vehicle, the efforts then shifted to getting the car up the bank. This was very difficult and took a long time to accomplish.

The car was damaged by the tree and that made it more difficult to remove it. It was also very difficult to pull the car up because the tow trucks which attended simply didn’t have enough power to move it.

The crash also damaged a parked car near to someone’s house. Fortunately nobody was in the vehicle at the time. The owner of the vehicle didn’t’ know anything about it until someone rang on his doorbell and told him about the car. Police have not released the name or medical condition of the driver. Police in Staten Island and Westchester would do the same.

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