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Recent Injury to Young Football Player


A young man was recently involved in a single car accident as he ran into a retaining wall around a single family residence. The young man, who is still in high school, received numerous injuries in the accident; he had had his driver’s license for less than two years at the time of the accident.

The young man, who has played football on the varsity team, received burns of the majority of his body. This will mostly likely keep him from participating in the fall season; burns can take several months to heal depending on the severity of the burns. In this case, the driver, who was alone in the car at the time of the incident, was able to survive the crash because witnesses helped him escape from the vehicle as it was engulfed in flames.

It is unknown what distracted the driver and caused him to crash into the wall in the first place. There was no sign that the boy tried to stop the car as he went off the road. Preliminary reports had not determined what speed the car was traveling when the accident occurred, only that the car was going fast enough to cause the fire.

The car smashed through the wall and came to a stop as it collided with a building. The building was burned down as a result of the incident. At this point, without knowing the cause of the accident, it was unclear as to whether or not charges were going to be brought against the driver. The driver, because of his injuries, had not been full questioned as to the circumstances surrounding the event.

The young man is currently listed as being in critical condition and it is unknown how long his recovery process will be. At this time, the owner of the building which burned down was available for questioning. The young man’s insurance company in Queens, NYC will certainly be involved as liability is determined in this case and as the owners’ of the damaged property decide whether or not to press charges.

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