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Tragic Accident Kills Teenage Girl


A very popular teenage student has lost her life in a single car accident. A reporter has obtained a copy of the police report. The report shows that the accident happened just before 8:00 AM close to 12800 Paige Bayou Road in Vancleve.

The teenage girl was killed just a week before she was due to graduate. She was a very clever student and was thought to receive good marks in her final exams explains a teacher.

The coroner’s report shows that the girl died from trauma and injuries sustained during the accident. The reporter explains that the very best treatments were provided to try and save her life, but unfortunately it was not possible.

The young girl was driving the car and is thought to of lost control of the car for some reason. As a result of losing control the car turned over a number of times before striking an electricity pole. The force of the impact partially threw the girl from the car.

The police think that the girl was wearing a seatbeltbecause she was retained in the vehicle instead of being thrown clear. It’s also not thought that alcohol had any role to play in the accident, but this has not yet been determined.

The student was popular and one of 240 students which were due to graduate on Saturday. The Principal of D’Iberville high school was shocked by the news and is offering support to students.

The student was very well behaved and always did what was expected of her. It’s a very sad loss to the whole community said the Principal. The school is currently trying to plan a way to remember the student during the graduation ceremony.

The teachers were very fond of this student. The English teacher from Queens, New York City hugged all of her students one by one when they finished their exams. She remembers the young girl because she was so polite and well behaved during class. The teachers at the school all agree that it is very sad her life has been cut short. She was about to graduate and celebrate the fruits of her hard work at school, but now she won’t get that option.

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