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Three Survive Severe Car Accident Despite Odds


Despite the shattered pieces of three vehicles scattered across the local two-lane road, all three drivers in last week’s accident survived the collision. Police credit the three driver’s survival to the fact that all three were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident, says a witness.

One car was overturned and the front of a second vehicle was completely demolished in the accident. At least one of the vehicles had an airbag which was deployed; it is suspected that at least two of the vehicles were totaled in the accident.

The driver who was allegedly the cause of the accident was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. Though the driver’s blood alcohol test results were not immediately available, police did release the fact that the driver had a prior history of charges involving alcohol and other intoxicants. The driver swerved into oncoming traffic which set off the chain of events.

All three of the drivers were taken to nearby hospitals to receive treatment for injuries sustained in the crash. Two of the drivers were airlifted to the appropriate treatment centers. Though police did not comment on any of the drivers’ current conditions, it was believed that two of the drivers had been released from the hospital.

Police in Nassau and Suffolk have not yet filed charges in the case pending the results of the third driver’s blood alcohol test. The vehicles were cleared from the scene of the accident within hours of the crash after police collected all relevant evidence.

The impending trial in this case will depend mainly on whether or not the driver of the initial vehicle was driving under the influence and the extent to which the police investigation reveals negligence on his part. The driver’s past criminal record will also certainly influence the outcome of any trial or civil litigation.

A court date has not yet been set due to the fact that some of the participants in the accident were still under medical supervision and the test results were not yet available, explains a reporter.

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