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DUI Sentencing In Car Accident Case


A recent college graduate was sentenced for vehicular homicide last week. The man, the first in his family to graduate from college, was convicted in killing another student near the university they both attended. The young man was driving while intoxicated at the time of the accident, reports a station. The man had pled guilty to the charges against him.

The accident happened near an area not far from campus where many students hung out and went to bars. At the time of the accident it was raining and visibility was limited. The girl who was killed was walking along the side of the road at the time she was hit; the sidewalk was closed for construction. The combination of the girl being in the road, the limited visibility and the driver’s impaired condition all factored into the car accident.

The young woman was about to graduate with her bachelor’s degree and already had an internship set up in her chosen field; she was one course away from graduation. She did not die at immediately; she was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment and died later from her injuries.

The young man who was driving the vehicle remained at the scene of the crime. He called for assistance and tried to perform on site medical care to the best of his ability. A friend of the young girl who died was also hit in the incident but he survived his injuries.

The family of the victim offered no condolences for the driver. There was little sympathy offered and a call for jail time, whereas many vehicular homicide cases in the area lead to years of probation, especially when the person has no prior criminal record, explains an authority . The judge in the case listened to statements about both the driver and the victims before sentencing the young man to the maximum jail time for his crime.

It is unclear whether or not the young man will appeal the sentence or how much time he will actually spend in jail for his crime. However, any appeals in Long Island and Manhattan will be met with the residence from the victim’s family.

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