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Teen Driver Charged for Highway Crash That Injured Workers


A teenage driver was charged on Monday for causing injury due to drunk driving. Three workers were injured as a result of her actions.

The accident happened on Thursday on I-77. The police report suggests that the teenage woman hit the back of a construction truck which was parked at the side of the highway. Although there was nobody in the truck, the force of the impact pushed the truck into three highway maintenance workers who were standing on the solder of the highway.

The report read by the police shows that two of the workers had fairly minor injuries which did not require hospitalization. Only one of the workers was injured seriously and he was transported to the Metro Health Medical Center.

The worker with the serious injuries required hospital treatment over the weekend. By Saturday, though, he was discharged from hospital as his condition had improved. It’s thankful that nobody was killed in this car accident.

The accident highlights the risks that people take to maintain the highways and roads. Although most of the construction happens during the day, there is also some work done at night. The reporter on the story says that motorists need to look out for road workers and slow down accordingly. Slowing down for workers in Long Island and NYC will make it much safer for everyone.

The police report shows that the trucks lights were switched on when the car accident occurred. It is suggested that the only reason this happened was because she was over the drunk drive limit. Eye witnesses report that the driver tried to dispose of evidence by throwing a bear can out of her window at the time of the accident. This was later recovered by police and used as evidence in the case.

The teenage driver was arrested at the scene for driving on a suspended license and operating the vehicle impaired. On Monday the suspect was charged with one count of Driving While Intoxicated, one count of tampering with evidence, and two counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

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