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Boy Killed in Car Accident Remembered by Community


A memorial fund has been established for the family of a boy killed in a solo car accident. The boy was driving when he lost control of his car and hit a tree. The car caught on fire and it appears the boy was trapped in the car and died. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Firefighters from the nearby fire station were called to the scene as were local law enforcement officials.

Those who knew the boy held a candlelight vigil in the area where the boy died. The vigil was later moved the parking lot of the local high school because of the number of people who attended. The boy was well-liked in his high school and in the community, explains a friend. Friends, teachers and relatives spoke about the boy at the vigil. Many remembered the boy’s smile and how pleasant he was to be around. Some shared their memories while others comforted each other. It is unknown where the boy was headed when the accident occurred.

The accident happened on a Friday night around 8pm. It is unknown how long the boy had his driver’s license. Police believe the boy lost control of the red Honda he was driving and crashed into a tree. It might have been a case of distracted driving. They do not believe the boy was speeding or under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. Law enforcement officials believe this was just a tragic accident. The boy may have momentarily taken his eyes off the road or an animal may have crossed the vehicle’s path and the boy swerved to miss it and hit the tree. Since he was the only person involved in the accident, there are few details to work with, claims a spokesperson.

By all accounts the boy had many friends, hobbies and interests. His hobbies included fixing cars and trapshooting. According to a friend, he was also very close to his family. The town will continue to mourn the boy’s death and remember him by helping his family pay for funeral and other expenses through the memorial fund. Car accidents like this one are common in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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