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Multiple car crash kills 64-year-old woman and leaves 40-year-old man severely injured


An observer described a car accident involving four cars that killed one woman at the scene and left a man severely injured.

It appeared that the 40-year-old man was driving a black SUV and smashed into the 64-year-olds car at an intersection. On impact, both cars spun out of control into the middle of the intersection where they also crashed into two other vehicles, the person recounted.

He explained that the police had arrested and planned on testing the driver of the SUV for drugs and alcohol. The man’s behavior and the nature of the accident were classic signs for driving under the influence, police observed.

The woman in the vehicle that was hit was apparently just sitting at a red light when she was hit expectantly. Police said she lived only a few miles away from the scene of the car accident and leaves behind a husband and several grandchildren.

“It’s a sad story and I wish there was something we could have done to save her,” said a local police officer. “The paramedics got there fast but they said it looked like she was killed on impact.”

Police investigated these types of accidents and said that multiple car crash frequency has gone down only 10% since 1990 compared with a 20% decrease in regular traffic accidents.

It’s a positive sign that the frequency of accidents has gone down but the fatality rate doesn’t seem to change when multiple vehicles are involved. Somebody’s life is almost always lost unfortunately, one observer explained.

When looking at the rate of alcohol-related accidents and any other substance abuse behind the wheel, the numbers have gone down dramatically.

“Driving under the influence faces much stiffer penalties today than it did even 20 years ago so people aren’t taking the chance as much as they used to. Still, when this type of accident occurs it’s also rare that somebody doesn’t lose a life,” pointed out one individual who is familiar with what happens in NYC and Queens.

Hospital officials could not be reached for comment.

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