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Car Chase Results in Five Injuries


A recent car accident in Pierceton required the help of MedShore and firefighters to free the victims of the crash. The accident occurred on SC 81 just above Interstate 85.

The Anderson Police department has released a report which says the driver was trying to get away from a deputy of the sheriff’s department. In doing so the driver was driving very dangerously and cut in front of another car. This caused a head on collision which injured five people, said the spokesman.

The 28 year old who is alleged to of driven away from police and caused the accident is now behind bars. He has been charged with a number of counts including, driving on a suspended license, failing to stop for the police, reckless driving and endangerment.

It has been discovered that the 28 year old does have a criminal history. He has been charged with many offences over the years.

The sheriff’s office attempted to stop the car because of a traffic violation. When the police attempted to pull the driver over, he just put his foot down and went very quickly. He tried to weave in and out of traffic in order to get away.

At about 1:15 PM the deputy had to give up chasing the suspect because the traffic was becoming very heavy and it would have been dangerous. Instead he patrolled the area and after around 10 minutes found the wrecked car.

Five people involved in the accident were injured. This included a 17 year old in the front passenger seat of one vehicle. All of the injured people involved in the car accident were transferred to hospital. Those with serious injuries were taken to AnMed and those with less serious to Greenville Hospital.

A reporter has learned about the man’s criminal history. It seems that under a month ago he was charged with possessing a pistol, driving while on a suspended license and possessing narcotics in Westchester and Staten Island. He was in jail for these offences until fairly recently. He was released when he paid the $10,000 bail, only to go on to cause this traffic accident and endanger life.

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