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Fatal Crash Takes the Lives of Two People


An accident which happened early on Saturday morning killed two people and injured another nine. The nine injured people required inpatient treatment at the local hospital.

A well-known expert explains that the car accident occurred at 3am on Saturday Morning. Initial reports stated that three people died in the accident, but this was a mistake. The number of people who were killed was revised to two after further investigation. The lawyer expects that this was caused by confusion in communication.

The families of the people who were killed in the accident gathered at the scene of the car accident to show their condolences and also to help search for survivors. This crash claimed the lives of two very popular people and it was very emotional for all concerned.

Police are grateful that the accident was not any worse than it was. If any more cars were involved in the pileup then it could have been even more serious and dangerous for all concerned.

Firefighters quickly attended the scene of the accident and set to work rescuing and releasing survivors. Crash investigators are still trying to investigate the actual cause of the accident. It’s thought that a Mazda SUV swerved over the center of the road into the other carriageway. It is unknown exactly why the driver did this. The SUV hit a Ford Probe which caused the SUV to flip over. This killed a woman in her 40’s and a 19 year old man.

The Medical Examiner’s report has been reviewed by the court. It is stated that two people were killed because they failed to wear their seatbelts. This meant that at least two people were flung from their vehicles where they suffered from fatal injuries. Drunk driving was not said to be the cause.

The first on the scene sent the surviving victims to local hospitals. A few of these people were said to be in serious and critical condition. Only the driver of a Ford Probe did not require hospitalization.

The case is currently still unsolved and is undergoing investigation. More detailed reports will be available at a later date. The state police are involved in the crash investigation and trying to discover the cause of the problem as they would be in Westchester County and Staten Island.

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