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Riverhead Man May Get Life Sentence for Car Accident, Reports New York Car Accident Lawyer


A Riverhead man may well spend the rest of his life behind bars for causing a 2008 accident that killed a furniture salesman from Manorville, a Suffolk prosecutor told a New York Car Accident Lawyer.

The 50-year-old man from Riverhead was facing a sentence between 12 ½ to 25 years for the death of the 45-year-old furniture salesman, but will have to appear again in Suffolk County Court to determine whether his previous felony convictions make him eligible for a longer sentence, an assistant district attorney remarked to a New York Injury Lawyer.

The assistant district attorney also told a New York Injury Lawyer that the driver of the car could be sentence to life in prison if the judge classifies him as a persistent felony offender.

The prosecutors made their move on the day the Riverhead man was to be sentenced for driving his sport utility vehicle into his victim’s 1995 Toyota Camry in May 2008 in Farmingville. Not only have prosecutors told New York Car Accident Lawyers that he had been using cocaine, but the Riverhead driver had been fleeing police at the time of the accident, who suspected him of stealing lawn equipment.

The 50-year-old Riverhead man was convicted of aggravated vehicular homicide, second-degree manslaughter, driving while impaired by drugs, and other charges in connection with the furniture salesman’s death.

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