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Newly Married Woman Dies in Fatal Crash Reports New York Car Accident Lawyers

A newly married woman was killed in a multi-vehicle accident reports New York Car Accident Lawyers. Authorities report that the crash occurred shortly before 10 PM and involved a westbound car and a tractor-trailer. Add in icy conditions and the recipe for disaster is set. New York Car Accident Lawyers report that in this accident, a tractor-trailer initially rolled over onto the car.

A twenty-year-old passenger and a ten-year-old boy were killed in the accident and the 66-year-old driver of the westbound car was killed as well. Lawyers will consult in situations where family members are lost at the hands of an incompetent driver.

In addition to the death of the young woman and the ten-year-old boy, six others were involved in the accident, however, each were fortunate enough to suffer only minor injuries. New York injury Lawyers are always happy to meet with clients to discuss problems that arise from various degrees of accidents.

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