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Oriental Boulevard Every Driver’s Nightmare Reports New York City Car Accident Lawyers

In three days, four accidents occurred on Oriental Boulevard. Two of the accidents took place about a half an hour apart. The area where the two wrecked has been nicknamed “danger strip”. The strip of road stretches across the length of Manhattan Beach report New York Car Accident Lawyers.

One of the accidents on Oriental Boulevard involved a motorcyclist as well. The Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association says crossing the road at that particular intersection is really never safe. He calls it “open season on pedestrians”. According to New York Car Accident Lawyers, there are only a few traffic signals.

Others indicate that the strip rarely ever has authorities nearby to monitor speeding drivers. Authorities in the area have indicated that they would increase their presence in the area and the commanding officer of the 61st Precinct concurred. New York Injury Lawyers report that the city hasn’t added streetlight to the boulevard because the amount of traffic along the strip doesn’t meet federal guidelines.

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