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Pedestrian in North Brooklyn Died Crossing McGuinness Boulevard Report NY City Car Accident Lawyers.

Any intersection that claims the life of a pedestrian or that of drivers due to lack of supervision is a tragedy. For the people in North Brooklyn, another resident lost his life from injuries he sustained after being struck by a speeding car. According to New York Car Accident Lawyers, the man was struck by a driver who did not stop afterwards.

In early December, a cyclist died after he was hit while turning onto McGuinness Boulevard from Nassau Avenue. This second death has the residents of Greenpoint extremely upset. The New York Car Accident Lawyers can be reached for a no-obligation consultation at many locations.

This particular intersection is noted by a New York Injury Lawyers as extremely dangerous because it ends at the ramp from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. According to bike advocacy groups, cars drive highway speed in this area.

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