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Drunk Cab Driver Hits and Kills Pedestrian Reports a New York Auto Accident Lawyer

A drunk driver is a dangerous driver and a drunken cab driver makes the combination even more deadly. And when a 50 year old victim stepped a crossing against the light, he fell prey to just that, a inebriated cabby. Emergency Medical Services to a local emergency room where he later died. The cab driver didn’t have any passengers at the time of the accident but failed the sobriety test when he was taken into custody reports New York Car Accident Lawyers.

The driver, a thirty-six year old now has charges pending as his blood alcohol level was over the limit. The driver’s colleagues were surprised to hear that he failed the sobriety test as he had only been working for approximately an hour. The suspect had worked until 6 AM the morning of the accident and had just started his new shift 45 minutes prior to the accident. The driver had previously driven a truck and had been working for the car service for over a year without any problems notes a New York Injury Lawyer.

Residents who were at the scene of the accident have issued a number of complaints over the speed in which the cars rush through the intersection. This particular case should come as no surprise since someone was hit at the same intersection just two months prior. That victim also died. The residents of the neighborhood indicate that speeding cars speed through the intersection at all hours of the day and night. This particular crash hasn’t been noted as an issue of speed.

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