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Dump Truck’s Bed Hit Bridge Reports certain NYC Car Accident Lawyers

On the Interchange between 42 in Geneva and 43 in Manchester was no the place to be when a dump truck driven by a 49 year old man of Nine Mile Point Road in Oswego hit a bridge. Apparently the driver didn’t realize that his truck bed was raised and it wasn’t equipped with a tilt bed warning light which would it alert the driver of a raised bed. The New York Car Accident Lawyers report that this warning light is required by state law.

The back of the dump truck hit the bridge and came loose from the truck and landed in the eastbound lane. Within minutes a van being driven by a 47 year old Broklyn man saw the box and attempted to get around it but it was too late. He was unable to get control of the car and allude the truck bed and eventually side-swiped the box.

The van had nine passengers in it and eight of those were children. Two of those children were airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester and the other passengers were transported by ambulance to Rochester area hospitals. Those families may find that the services of a New York Injury Lawyer. The driver of the truck was issued a traffic ticket for the dump truck’s violation regarding the warning light.

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