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Jogger Loses Her Life at the Hands of Addict Reports NY City Car Accident Lawyers

Two joggers hit the pavement for a run in Staten Island and never returned. A pill-addicted thirty-four-year-old aspiring model cried during her arraignment and with due cause. The young woman explained that she blacked out at the wheel and inadvertently ran over the two joggers. New York Car Accident Lawyers report that the woman was charged with assault, drug possession and driving under the influence.

Fortunately for this woman, she was actually freed on a $150,000 bond. That fact alone I quite surprising considering that she admitted to taking two Xanax, one Ambien and one Percocet less than an hour before getting behind the wheel of the automobile. A New York Injury Lawyer reports that the driver was lucky considering the fact that the one of the joggers lost her life.

The driver charged with assault, drug possession and driving under the influence killed a 23-year-old special education teacher who sustained life-threatening head and chest trauma and the other jogger; a sprite 18-year-old suffered a broken ankle. At the scene of the accident, the authorities found forty-five oxycodone pills and fifteen alprazolam pills but New York Car Accident Lawyers indicate that the lawyer for the driver indicated that the driver did have a prescription for the drugs.

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