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Limo Driver Clips Biker Reports a New York Car Accident Lawyer

The busy streets of Manhattan seem to be no place for someone on foot or even on a bike. Although it seems quite dangerous to think that people use bikes as a primary method of transportation, especially for messenger services, that does seem to be the norm. But, when one twenty-year-old messenger was clipped, he took his matter to the driver. The limo driver apparently was taken aback when the cyclist started jumping on the hood of the hood of the car ultimately smashed in the windshield report some New York Car Accident Lawyers.

Apparently this wasn’t satisfaction enough for the biker as he eventually tore out the front passengers window, tore off the drivers shirt and then punched him the face. According to a New York Injury Lawyer, road rage has never been so vicious. The limo clipped the cyclist and kept going and when a red light brought him to a halt, the biker caught up with him and eventually threw more than a toddler-size fit.

This situation has become more and more popular as the temperament of people change when continuously faced with a situation where they feel wronged. And this is one cyclist who made sure that his opinion was known. Unfortunately for the cyclist, he did more harm that good, as he was the one taken into custody. He was arrested on misdemeanor assault and harassment reports a New York Car Accident Lawyer.

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