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Man Impaled By Metal Post After Vehicular Accident


A man involved in a vehicular accident was impaled by a metal post when police found him. When officers arrived on the scene, they were surprised that a 3-inch wide metal post from a road sign was sticking from the man’s body. The post was cut from one end of the sign and man was transported to the hospital with a large part of the post still inside his body. The rest of the post was removed during surgery.

The post, said a New York Injury Lawyer, missed all vital organs and was lodged between masses of muscle and tissue. The man was very lucky as the post missed organs such as the bladder and liver by mere inches. The part of the post removed weighed about 11 pounds. While the man will have to undergo a long recovery process, it could have been much worse if the post had hit any of his organs.

The man had been talking to his sister-in-law on his cell phone when he lost control of his pick-up truck and hit the metal post. The man, who had recently lost his job, was enrolling in a local college to learn a new trade. It had been snowing that night which could explain how the man lost control of the pick-up truck so easily.

The family of the man including the man’s twin brother where shown the part of the metal post that was removed from the man’s body. According to a New York Car Accident Lawyer, the family was in shock that the post didn’t do more damage, but they are happy the man will recover. It will take some time before the man will be able to resume his normal routine. He will also have a large scar where the post had impaled his body.

It is not unusual for those who undergo this type of surgery to require physical therapy and weeks of bed rest to recover fully, suggests a Lawyer. The man is listed in the hospital in serious condition, but over time his condition should be downgraded. The man may need additional out-patient care once he leaves the hospital. Hospitals in New York City and Long Island have learned from this.

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