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Man Killed After Hitting another Vehicle

A man was killed after crossing a highway median and hitting another vehicle. The driver and a woman passenger in the other vehicle were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. The driver had been drinking prior to the accident, but law enforcement officials say that was not the cause of the accident. The reason why the man crossed the median is still under investigation.

The 81-year old man was pronounced dead at the hospital. He had been driving a Chevy Blazer. The driver and the woman passenger had been driving a Chevy Suburban. The accident occurred around 9pm on a Monday. The man in the Blazer crossed the median and hit the Suburban which was headed in the opposite direction, explains a New York Injury Lawyer. It is unclear at this time if the man had been drinking or was under the influence of drugs. Further investigation is needed to determine if the man was having a medical emergency while driving or if he simply wasn’t paying attention to where he was going at the time.

Luckily, no other vehicles were involved in the accident. According to a New York Car Accident Lawyer, police will probably interview witnesses to learn more about what happened right before and after the accident occurred. The man was alone in his vehicle and the driver and the woman were the only people in the other vehicle, so witnesses may include those driving near the vehicles or those driving by after the accident happened.

It is unclear if any funeral arrangements have been made for the man or where the funeral will be held. The driver and the woman passenger were released from the hospital after being treated for minor injuries. No charges have been filed against anyone involved. If the man is found negligent, files will not be filed since the man died, suggests a Lawyer. Law enforcement officials still would like to know how the accident happened for their reports. A medical examiner’s report which is required everywhere including Manhattan and Nassau County will help officials determine if the man was suffering from a heart attack stroke at the time of the accident.

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