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Woman accused of killing CHP Officer in crash now faces civil suits as well, cites NY Injury Lawyer


A 23 year old woman who was flying high on Methamphetamine at 67 miles per hour crashed into a California Highway Patrol officer, last June, killing him instantly, claims a New York Injury Lawyer. The accident left the family of the officer devastated, and the driver who is accused of killing the man behind bars. 

This is the same as Drunk Driving. Reports obtained by authorities stated that the family of the victim is now filing civil suits against the woman in addition to the criminal charges being held against her. Police in the Bronx and Brooklyn want to make certain that they send a message that what the woman did was wrong and they state that all of the money that is won in the case will go towards helping others, in particular young people who want to become police officers. 

The Lawyer also stated in his report that the widow of the officer who was killed, along with his parents, had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman in addition to a complaint of personal injury and property damage. The woman who killed the officer is still in custody and could face 15 years to life in prison just from the criminal charges filed against her. 

The NY City Car Accident Lawyer said that the civil cases will likely result in fines that could become quite steep. Friends and family of the officer say that he was a good man who just wanted to keep people safe. The woman is scheduled to go to trial in San Luis Obispo for her crimes.

Personal and work related injury claims can be settled quickly and easily as long as you have the right representation. In Long Island and Manhattan these crimes are treated harshly.With the support of a trained New York Car Accident Attorney, you can find the answers you need and the confidence to move forward without looking back. Having a New York Car Accident Attorney on your side, to help you through the legal process, can really lift the burden of trying to sort through the mess all by yourself. When you seek help, this gives you the opportunity to focus on the more important things in your life, like meeting the needs of your family, or spending much needed time in recovery. Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its New York Car Accident Lawyers has many offices in the NY area including Commack, NY. Our attorneys can provide you with advice about personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Without a NY Car Accident Lawyer you will be ignorant of all your rights and may be at a great disadvantage.

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