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Interstate 95 Crash Victim Freed from the Wreckage by Brave Firefighters


A motorist who was trapped under his car after colliding with a tractor trailer is currently undergoing medical treatment for his injuries. His current condition is thought to be stable according to a report read by a reporter.

The driver of the vehicle is thought to of hit the trailer at a rest area between exit 21 and 22 on the northbound side of the highway. It seems that the side of the car was ruptured in the accident and the driver was pushed out the side. Then the car rolled and ended up falling on top of him.

The tractor trailer driver decided to park to rest. The driver was in the sleeping compartment when the car accident occurred but escaped without injury. The driver of the car pulled over and struck the trailer on the off ramp to the rest area.

The report explains that firefighters were quick to respond to calls for assistance. They managed to use hydraulic jacks and large air bags to lift the heavy Toyota Corolla off his body. It took firefighters around half an hour to lift the car; this is because the car needed to be lifted evenly. While the car was being lifted paramedics started to provide first aid the best they could.

After the injured driver was pulled out from under the car, he was transported directly to St Vincent’s Medical Center. His condition was initially listed as serious. The driver said that he suffered from injuries to the neck, forearm and cheek. He is currently in a stable condition and thought to make a full recovery.

Drivers being ejected from vehicles in accidents can be fairly common. If the driver was wearing his seat belt then it would greatly improve the chances of him staying inside the vehicle during the car accident.

The accident is still being invested by local police although it’s thought that excessive speed had a role to play in this incident. Drunk driving is suspected. This is not tolerated in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Traffic accidents can be very stressful for everyone concerned. Sometimes accidents happen for no reason; a qualified NY City Car Accident Attorney will be able to show your case in the best possible light.

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