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Fatal Car Accident Kills Popular Fire Chief


A fire chief was killed on Saturday Afternoon when his motorcycle was crashed into by a car. This left him with live threatening injuries and he died soon after the car accident.

According to a report read by a policeman, the accident happened at about 4:25 PM on Saturday afternoon. The Portland police department was quick to respond to the scene of the accident.

The Fire Chief was immediately air lifted to hospital. He arrived at Parkview Hospital but as pronounced dead on arrival.

It was very emotional for the police officers who attended the scene, because many of them knew the fire chief personally. One of the police men even went to the same training course as the fire chief who was killed. The fire chief was lovingly described by his colleagues as the best of the best, and he will be missed by everyone in Portland.

The Fire Chief is said to of loved his job and really enjoyed helping people in their hour of need. He was a caring and compassionate person who really enjoyed helping people.

The report states that the fire chief was traveling westbound on his motorcycle when he was hit from behind by a car. The car driver said that she could not see the bike as it was behind a large white van. When the car hit the bike, the motorcyclist was immediately thrown from his bike which caused internal and head injuries which were lethal.

The driver was not hurt, and did not require any medical treatment. She was tested for alcohol and drugs, but the findings were not included in the report which was obtained by a reporter. Anyone involved in a fatal traffic accident in Nassau and Suffolk must undergo a drug and alcohol test according to state law.

The fire chief will be dearly missed. He first became a firefighter in 1997 and rose through the ranks to become the fire chief of Portland in 2007. Everyone who knows him says that he really loved his job. Many people are thought to attend his funeral service, although the exact details are not yet known.

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