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Car Crashes into Popular Restaurant then Flees the Scene


A car drove straight through the window of a very popular Deli in South Loop and then drove off without stopping. The incident was not reported until the next day when a delivery driver noticed the damage and reported it to police. There were no injuries.

When officers attended the scene they investigated exactly what had happened explained a prominent expert. They found that the glass was shattered and there was a hole in the wall. Among the debris, there was a lot of automobile parts. The police searched the local area looking for damaged vehicles which could be the culprit, but none were found.

The report says that police believe a 1990’s Chrysler Concorde or Cirrus was the vehicle which crashed into the building due to a piece of broken taillight which was found. Using sophisticated databases and computer software police were able to pinpoint the year, the make and model of car. Based on paint transfer at the scene it is also believed that the car is white.

The police investigation is ongoing and nobody has been charged with the car accident. Police are currently alerting all auto-repair shops to be on the lookout for a white Chrysler Concorde or cirrus and to notify them immediately if one requires repairs which would be consistent with slamming into a building. This could allow the police to capture the offender, although the chances are fairly slim.

The owner of the Deli told the police that he is glad the crash was no more serious. The damage happened when nobody was inside the building, and also did not cause structural or long lasting damage. The restaurant is very popular in the area and has become a tourist attraction in its own right. Many politicians visit the deli and the owner is pleased that they can continue to do so. The owner said that although the damage will cost money to repair, it is not excessive and will be covered by the insurance. The owner also reassured loyal customers that the restaurant would remain open as the crash did not affect the kitchens, or food already prepared.

Crashes like this are treated the same way in Westchester and Suffolk Counties.

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