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Car Accident Injured Motorcyclist


A man was injured when his motorcycle was hit from the side by a car. The impact of the accident caused the rider to be thrown from the motorcycle.

The emergency services were quick to arrive on the scene. They cared for the rider and put him onto a backboard and in a neck brace explains the authority. This is common procedure whenever anyone is involved in a car accident which could result in back or neck injuries. Police were also called to the scene as it was thought to be a serious accident; however they left when they discovered that it was not as serious as it was first thought.

The injuries of the motorcyclist were thought to be very serious as he was placed in a neck brace, and back board. He was then transported to hospital very quickly in an Ambulance. However, when he arrived at hospital his injuries were fully assessed. It was discovered that his injuries were not as serious as first thought.

A witness explains that the car accident occurred because a car waiting to turn left hit a motorcyclist. A few cars stopped to allow the car turning left to pass, but the motorcyclist continued and was struck by the car turning left.

The report which says the motorcyclist was thrown to the ground in the accident. The family of the victim is very grateful that this isn’t any more serious than it really had to be.

Police said that as the accident was not a result of driver error, it would be unlikely that the driver would get a ticket. This is an accident which occurred due to nobody’s fault. Even so it’s great news that this didn’t kill anyone.

Police in The Bronx and Brooklyn are on alert for this type of accident.

If you are injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault then it can be difficult to know what you are entitled to. A NY Car Accident Attorney will be able to help you to understand the compensation you may be entitled to. A NY Car Accident Attorney will also know how to describe your case to improve the chances of getting the result you deserve.

Although this accident wasn’t caused by the driver of the car, it is a reminder for all drivers to be on the lookout of bike riders. Motorcyclists are less protected than people in a car, and are often harder to see. The New York Injury Attorney says that all drivers should be much more aware of motorcyclists, who are some of the most vulnerable users of the roads.

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