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Driver Left After Traffic Accident


The driver of an old van is wanted for causing a car accident and not waiting to exchange details. Instead he just drove off.

A report handed to a policeman explains that the driver of the van left the side of the road at speed. At the time he was towing a heavy pickup truck. The van tried to pull away so quickly that the tires were spinning viciously on the pavement which generated a lot of smoke. The truck behind was slowly bringing up the rear.

According to the report, passersby reported that it looked like the towing hitch on the rear of the van broke and released the vehicle which was being towed. This meant that the pickup truck was released from the van where it slammed into a back of a car parked by the side of the road.

Eye witnesses report that although the vehicles were moving relatively slowly at the time of the accident. The noise made by the car crash was very loud.

The driver of the van stopped and got out of his vehicle to have a look at the accident when it occurred. The witness explained that the owner of the car hit by the truck came outside to take a look at the damage. Both men were cautious and looked at each other.

They took a look at the pickup truck, the damaged car and the van. Then they examined the state of the tow hitch.

The report explains that there was not a proper tow hitch, but instead there was just a simple hook. This meant that the vehicle was much more likely to crash because it was not secured correctly. The hook had been torn off.

The scene of the accident attracted many people to gather and discuss exactly what happened. The two men seemed to be discussing what to do about the accident and how to deal with the accident. The driver of the van got back into his vehicle seemingly to get his license and registration details. However, he just drove off.

Fortunately the owner of the car damaged in the crash managed to write down the registration number of the van and truck which hit his car.

Witnesses discussed what must of really happened. It’s suggested that the driver of the van was not actually supposed to be towing the truck. Perhaps the driver of the pickup truck parked too close to the hook on the back of the van and got caught. Instead of the van driver asking for help he instead tried to pull away quickly to release the van from the truck. Although the truck had its parking brake on it still pulled away with the vehicle.

It is not clear whether the van was stolen, or the driver was uninsured as police are still trying to track him down. In Queens and Staten Island you must have car insurance to operate a vehicle.

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