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Boy hit by truck suffering from Life Threatening Injuries


A young boy was involved in a serious accident with a truck when riding his bike explains an observer . The accident occurred at the Old Military Road and Opal Court intersection on Sunday.

His injuries were serious enough for him to be flown direct to Harborview Medical Center where he is currently undergoing treatment for his injuries. His injuries were life threatening but he is currently in a serious condition.

This is the second car accident involving a bicyclist in the area over the weekend. On Saturday a minivan crashed into a 53 year old cyclist who was also flown to Harborview.

The report read by the newspaperr explains that the boy was riding his bike quickly downhill. Witnesses report that the boy was not wearing a cycle helmet, if he was then his injuries would not have been as serious.

The preliminary investigation reports have been handed to the right person. Reading these it is clear that the driver of the truck was abiding by the speed limit. The truck driver also had his own children with him in the truck at the time of the incident. The police investigation has already ruled out speeding, drugs and alcohol as causes of the accident. It seems that this incident was just an unfortunate accident.

It is thought that the child was traveling quickly down speed and entered the main road from a side road without any warning. Everything happened so quickly that the driver simply didn’t have enough time to react or stop. Many local residents have claimed that the intersection is notoriously bad for visibility and accidents in the area.

The intersection is a popular route to and from school for many children. As there is a hill coming down to the intersection many of the riders are traveling quickly and most do not stop. It’s a very stressful time for both the driver and the child’s family.

While the accident was investigated the police decided to close Old Military Road for over half an hour. accidents like this occur in Manhattan as well as Long Island.

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