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Dealing with Road Traffic Accidents


Road traffic accidents can affect anyone, even when they are doing everything they possibly can to remain safe. Sometimes the road conditions or other drivers expose even the safest of drivers to the risk of car accidents.

A policeman has been given a report caused by poor weather conditions. The driver was driving their children home from their sports game. The weather was very bad and visibility was also poor. The driver has later mentioned that the wind and rain became very heavy while driving along and that she saw the faint outline of a vehicle about to pull out to turn right. She was distracted by the conditions.

The report shows that the driver obviously tried to hit the brakes and stop, but there wasn’t enough time. The wheels locked up and the car went into a spin. This caused it to strike the truck waiting to turn right. This completely damaged the front of both vehicles. There was another vehicle in front which was also involved in the accident.

The police stated that the driver’s immediate concern was to check that her two young sons were OK and still strapped securely to their seats. The lawyer points out that if the children weren’t wearing their seat belts that the car accident could of been much more serious.

The police were called to the scene and acted quickly to resolve the collision. Medical treatment was not required as the only injuries sustained to anyone were aches and bruises.

According to a report issued by Nassau and Suffolk Counties, driving is pretty safe. Most people haven’t been in a car accident before which means they won’t normally know what to do when involved in one.

The woman who had the car gave her details to the local police department and then had to wait almost an hour for a state trooper to arrive. While the accident was caused by the driver of the first vehicle, it was just an accident caused by bad weather. No alcohol was drunk by any of the drivers before setting off and they were not going too quickly.

The vehicle was towed off the road to a repair shop to be fixed. The driver received 4 points on her record, and had to pay a fine of $163. An expert advised her that she can fight the charges and points.

Sometimes an accident is nobody’s fault. If you want to fight the fines and points on your license then you need to hire a New York City Car Accident Attorney. A New York City Car Accident Attorney will be able to assess your unique case and make recommendations

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