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Former President Has Fender Bender, a New York Car Accident Lawyer Reports


Former President Bill Clinton was recently involved in a fender bender, when his van was rear-ended in Connecticut, while he was traveling to give a commencement address at Yale, according to a New York Car Accident Lawyer.

A car following the Clinton motorcade ran into the van, which was moving slowly due to traffic congestion on the Merritt Parkway, said a New York Car Accident Lawyer. “Everybody in the lane slowed down, and we all slowed down, and one person didn’t,” Clinton said. “It happened to be the person behind us.” New York Personal Injury Lawyers have determined that no one was injured in the accident.

Clinton went on to give his speech to the graduates of the Ivy League school, making anti-technology remarks similar to those given by President Obama at Hampton University two weeks prior, sources reported to a New York Personal Injury Lawyer. “One problem we have in the modern world is we’ve got access to more information than ever before, but we don’t all listen to the same information,” Clinton said. He went on to say that the world “is too unstable, it is too unequal, and it is completely unsustainable.”

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